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Animal Toy Maintenance
Aug 14, 2018

1, keep indoor cleaning as far as possible to reduce dust, diligence with clean, dry, soft tools to clean the surface of toys.

2, to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, and keep the toys inside and outside drying. 3, cleaning can be taken according to the size of the necessary measures, small can be used to wear adhesive tape for fear of wearing parts, directly into the washing machine soft wash, dry, hanging in the shade dry, and intermittent pat toys, so that its fur, filled with fluffy soft; large toys can find filling seam, cut stitches,

Take out the special part of the filler (eye-fiber cotton) can not be taken (better to maintain the shape) with tape wear-fear parts of the department stained, the outer skin to clean dry, and then put the filler into the toy epidermis, the whole type, stitching. 4, for the High intelligent Electronics, machine core, stereo hair/cloth or dolls, before cleaning must be electronic components (some are not waterproof) or battery out to prevent damage to water.