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Teddy Bear
Oct 07, 2018

A teddy bear is a stuffed teddy bear for children to play with. It is a plush toy with a long history and is often used to comfort children's feelings of sadness. Some teddy bears have become expensive collections in recent years. The world's first teddy bear museum was opened in (Petersfield, Hampshire), Hampshire, England, in 1984.

Teddy Bear, is translated as a teddy bear, but it should be called a Roosevelt bear, according to local American terms. Teddy Bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt because Roosevelt's nickname was Teddy and he loved hunting. The teddy bear is said to be named after Roosevelt's 1902 hunt in Mississippi. An assistant found and caught a little Louisiana black bear, and Roosevelt refused to kill the trapped bear and called it "unsportsmanship" (unsportsmanlike),. Then a political cartoonist quickly published the cartoon "teddy bear." (Teddy's Bear). The first cartoon appeared the next day, November 6. Clifford K. Bergman (Clifford K. Berryman), a Washington Post comic editor, documented the incident as a front-page comic. Bergman pictured a bear sitting on the ground, Roosevelt with a gun, his back to the bear, a gesture of refusal to kill his prey. At the bottom of the picture is (Drawing the Line in Mississippi), which links hunting anecdotes to political debate.